Keyword Finder

Targeting the right keywords is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. Many marketers have found out to their detriment that it can never just be a case of guessing what potential customers are searching for.

There’s also the important consideration of how your website is already performing for searches that you might not have even considered. Can you imagine the time and effort that you’d save if you discovered that you already had some pretty decent rankings for keywords that you hadn’t identified as part of your initial research?

SEO Dashboard's Keyword research tool - 'Keyword Finder' makes the process of finding viable keywords refreshingly easy. The app will scour the Google listings for any instances of your website, and return data for keywords that you’re ranking for but aren’t already tracking. If they’re relevant and have a good search volume, you can simply add these to your tracker to monitor your progress in the future.

This smart tool helps you to identify quick wins for your SEO campaigns. When you’re already ranking, it’s much easier than starting from scratch with new keywords.