Back Link Tracker

Building high quality links is an integral part of any SEO campaign, and it’s vitally important that practitioners monitor the number and nature of links on the web that are pointing back to their sites. Since recent algorithm changes from Google, quality is more vital than ever, so it’s wise to have a good understanding of where a site is linked.

To make the link building management process as easy as possible, the SEO Dashboard ‘Links’ feature has two main functions. Firstly, the app will crawl the web and identify any links pointing to a website’s pages and logs them (as ‘crawler links’). Secondly, you can also add links that you’ve acquired manually, to help you stay on top of the information and track them. The dashboard will notify you if they are removed, it will also indicate whether the link is do-follow or no-follow. This makes the app priceless when you’re carrying out link building campaigns.

If you are struggling to acquire backlinks you can also get help from Web Search SEO on an ad-hoc basis or monthly package.

With the help of SEO Dashboard's link management tool, you can stay in control of backlinks and use them effectively to boost your rankings.